Overall, a guest room should be comfortable and cosy and include everything a guest might need whilst staying in your home.  More often than not, it needs to double up as an office and sometimes space is tight so, first things first, clear out the clutter.  Then you can go about adding the things that will make your guests super comfortable......

Hanging Space - guests need somewhere to put their clothes so if you don't have wardrobe space, hang some beautiful hooks on the wall with a couple of pretty coathangers or use something like this ladder below which is a great space saver and looks beautiful too.

Styling by Ginny Branch

Mirrors - don't forget to include a mirror in the guest bedroom.  A full length one is preferable so guests can see their whole outfit (if they're changing for dinner for example - my this does sound like a fancy guest bedroom doesn't it?)

Toilletries - a new hand-soap never goes amiss (much nicer than a grubby looking cracked thing sitting on the side of the basin), plus some shampoo/conditioner and a hairdryer.

Bedding - freshly laundered bed linen goes without saying but dressing the bed thoughtfully makes for a decent nights sleep which is, after all, the primary role of a spare bedroom.  A selection of pillows is crucial - a standard pillow plus a square one work well and give your guests a choice plus if your guests are having a lie-in and reading in bed, a plethera of pillows makes for extra comfort.  Also add a blanket at the foot of the bed for those that feel the cold - makes the bed look cosy and inviting like the one below.


Photograph from homedecorlike.com

We have some lovely ones at Andrassy Living (funny that).......


Books & magazines - guests love having a browse at a good magazine (a dog-eared Country Living from Christmas 1992 won't cut it I'm afraid) and books are a nice touch too although I don't usually bother with them - hopefully they're not staying that long!

Bedside table - this is one of the most important things in the guest room.  It's where magazines will sit awaiting your guests' perusal, a reading lamp, a bottle of water, fresh flowers, tissues and a clock.  All essentials for a comfortable stay (crikey, they might never leave).

Photograph by Rachael Boling

If your guest room is multi-purpose and therefore tight on space you might only be able to introduce a single bed or, as they've done below, you could incorporate similar built-in bunk beds with a queen size bottom bunk for adults - genius.

Photograph by Brian Culy

Lastly, I think a really nice touch is to leave them some posh biscuits for a midnight feast or in case your cooking wasn't up to scratch!  I think a chocolate might be a step too far but then again, I've gone as far as writing a blog about making your guest room hard to leave so why not treat them to a Ferrero Rocher?!


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