Today's blog is all about nooks, the official definition of which is "a corner or recess, often offering seclusion or security".  So there you go, we all need a place to escape to, even in our own homes, and creating a nook is your first step to a new, calmer you (or just a lovely place to sit and read a book).  Here's one we created earlier!  Now not everyone has a ready-made nook like this one but you can create one in any corner of any room and we'll tell you how below.

Photograph sourced from moon & trees

Here's what you'll need:

1. A Nook!  OK, a bit obvious but you do need to locate an area in your home (or maybe outside in an outbuilding or shed/summerhouse) that is secluded from the rest of the room, preferably near some natural light and even better if it comes with a view.  Landings (if you have one with a bit of space) can be a good location or a corner of the sitting room perhaps.  Any small space that is separate from the rest of the room that will accommodate a few key nook ingredients.  Here's one that's been created in a much larger space but a nook nonetheless.

2. A comfortable chair. Goes without saying that you'll need somewhere comfortable to sit if you're trying to relax but don't just leave it at a comfortable chair - incorporate soft pillows, warm blankets, a cuddly toy if it floats your boat, indeed anything that promotes relaxation and comfort.  How about this for a fabulous chair?

Photograph sourced from

3. A small table. You'll need this for your lamp, book, glass of wine, reading glasses etc and it will make the area feel cosier and more practical if you have a side table that will hold a few key ingredients for a top notch nook.  This one actually has a fairly small table but I've been completely seduced by the chair it's featured with.

4. A lamp.  Very important indeed for reading and for adding cosiness to your corner. If you don't have room for a side table big enough to accommodate a table lamp then a floor standing lamp would also work brilliantly as they've done in the photo below.

Photograph sourced from

5. A rug. This isn't imperative but can help to delineate the area and add extra comfort, especially if it's a big fluffy sheepskin rug that will definitely promote relaxation and comfort.  Here they've added an animal skin rug for drama.

Suzanne Kazler

So, you're all set to create yourself a nook at home.  Would love to see pictures of anything you've created and just to prove that I practice what I preach, here's mine!  Happy living.



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