Hygge - if you don't know what it is, read on.  It could change your life....

Well we've all gone a bit Scandi crazy in the last few years (Andrassy Living included) but have you embraced, Hygge yet?  It's pronounced hoo-ga and comes from a Norwegian word meaning "wellbeing", or, roughly translated, "cosiness".  It extends so much further than that though - it's an entire attitude to life.  It's about being kind to yourself and surrounding yourself with things you love - yes, read on, and get some hygge in your life.  They actively encourage it in Scandinavia and I think we should be doing the same over here (if you're not already).

Hygge by Skandvinsk

As SKANDINAVISK put it so eloquently above, it's about enjoying the little things in life, more often than not, with the warm glow of candlelight and the company of friends and family.  But you don't have to be surrounded by loved ones. It's also taking time out on your own to savour a freshly brewed pot of tea, reading a good book or just sitting quietly in your favourite armchair snuggled up under a blanket.  This room would be the perfect place to start....

Cosy library for two - HYGGE

It's chatting over long dinners with friends - candles lit, lights dimmed, good music, an open fire and some great company.

Friends enjoying a long supper - HYGGE

Or reading a magazine in bed (hopefully with freshly laundered sheets with plenty of plump pillows and a hot water bottle) while the rain beats at the windows and you sip hot chocolate from your favourite mug.

 Reading in bed - HYGGE

Think intimate settings, comforting food, probably a drink or two and definitely definitely candlelight (see below for a highly recommended scented candle for Christmas that we love....).  

To experience true hygge you should remove anything that annoys you (whether it be the clock in the hall that ticks too loudly or your Great Aunt Betty - which kind of goes against the concept of spending time with family but I was meaning the family members you actually like. Wink wink).

I think most of us find life stressful sometimes, so we all need some 'Hygge'.  Afterall, we should be allowed to treat ourselves to time out alone or to embrace having fun and seeing friends whenever we feel we need it.  Like me, you may have set yourself rules like not sitting down and reading a book in the middle of the day or thinking that you don't have time to see a friend for coffee because you've got phone calls to make, deadlines to meet or washing to do - YOU DO.  

Enjoying tea in front of the fire - HYGGE

You'll feel so much better for embracing the concept of hygge.  When you take time out to enjoy the little things, life instantly becomes more enjoyable and that's what it's all about isn't it?  So find what it is that makes you happy, light a fire (or a candle), close the curtains, put your phone on mute and enjoy some 'you time' or the company of good friends.  Go on, you definitely deserve it and there isn't a better time of year to embrace hygge than Christmas.....

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