Have you seen it?  It may seem a little strange that I'm featuring some random film in my blog but if you do have a spare couple of hours, watch this film - you won't be disappointed.  It features some great actors, a wonderful storyline and to top it all off, the house is incredible.

Produced and directed by Nancy Meyers back in 2003, Something's Gotta Give featured this beautiful beach house, set in the  Hamptons, and I must have watched it 100 times, mainly because of the house!  I've included a few snaps below of the interior although you get to see a whole lot more in the film.


If anyone knows where I can get hold of a day bed / armchair like the one featured above in the bedroom, could they let me know?  It would work brilliantly next to the bookshelves too - the perfect corner for escaping with a good book.


 There is a strong coastal theme running through the house.  You could get the look with some of our products as below.

I love this dining area, especially as it's not a room stuck out on it's own that no-one ever goes into.  It leads directly off from the kitchen and the living room through huge double doors which means you can still be part of what's going on in the other rooms around you - much more atmospheric than a formal dining room.  The collection of plates makes a stunning display and also a practical way of storing serveware if you're an avid collector like me.

So, to conclude, I hope you've enjoyed looking at just a taster of what this fabulous film has to offer.  I also hope you might watch it if you haven't already and get as much enjoyment out of the interiors as I have.  In fact I've enjoyed the film so much that my husband took me on a surprise trip to Paris recently for my birthday and booked dinner at Le Grand Colbert (this will all become clear when you watch the film) - I wasn't disappointed. I even sat in the same seat that Diane Keaton sat in (yes, I love the film THAT much).

Let me know what you think...........



October 06, 2014 — Sophie Martin


Michelle macarther said:

Hi I also love the film something gotta give!! I absolutely love the house and the interior and also everything Diane keaton wears!!! Timeless classics just like the house!!! Also I am a bit obsessed with interiors!!! Your website looks amazing many thanks Michelle macarther.

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