Beautifully set tables: Not an origami napkin in sight

Do you think about your table and how it's going to look when you're expecting guests over for a meal?  It doesn't take a moment to produce something really special if you've got a decent set of napkins and perhaps a tablecloth or runner at home (washed and ironed of course).  The next thing (that really makes the table) are the little touches.  Here's one I prepared earlier........

Green for Go? - Inspiring images & interiors ideas

Pantone's Colour of the Year 2017 is Greenery (15-0343 for those that speak in Pantone) and, in their own words, it's refreshing, revitalizing and symbolic of new beginnings which we heartily agree with but I'm not so convinced about living with it in large doses in the home (sorry Pantone).  

The day I tried my hand at Modern Calligraphy

I thought I'd update you on my calligraphy efforts having taken the beginners course with the fabulous Quill London at the beautiful Blaegrove Barn at the weekend.

Pinterest - How to use it, Who to follow, Why it's so fab!

Well what else is there to do when you've only got time for a 20 minute lunch break?  Lose yourself in Pinterest that's what. Create some boards - 'Travel', 'Outdoor Dining', 'Yachts', 'Beaches', or indeed anything that takes us away from the office or our normal lives.

Outdoor Living - inspiration for a fun-filled summer

So, we're hoping for a fun-filled summer with wall to wall sunshine and plenty of opportunity to be outdoors.  We're talking al fresco dining; languishing on rugs, cushions and loungers in our gardens and on our patios; staying up late around a fire chatting with friends and drinking rose; and being able to BBQ every day.  Well there's nothing like a bit of positive thinking, especially when you live in the UK!

Indoor Plants - good for your health and great for your home

.... house plants have long been conceived as slightly old-fashioned, plus lots of us are rather put off by the fact that we forget to water them and they collect dust but I'm here to convince you otherwise.  Trust me, some are dead easy to look after (pardon the pun) and they'll really transform the look and feel of your home.

Your Home Office - stylish versus practical.....

...well actually, I think a home office should be both.  Now, not everyone has the luxury of having a room dedicated to being a home office but even if you only have a small desk under the stairs, this blog will give you some great tips.  Here's one I found earlier (a desk under the stairs I mean)....

Hygge - if you don't know what it is, read on. It could change your life....

It's about being kind to yourself and surrounding yourself with things you love - yes, read on, and get some hygge in your life.  They actively encourage it in Scandinavia and I think we should be doing the same over here (if you're not already).

An amazing new discovery. Really. Worth reading!

Well, I was all set to bore you with products from our new Autumn / Winter 2015 collection and then stumbled across this rather fabulous new website/app called Canva so I HAD to share it with you.
October 16, 2015 by Sophie Martin

The Ultimate Autumn Checklist - Is your home winter-ready?

Dear Readers, it's been a while but I'm back with a checklist to get you and your home ready for the onslaught of winter.  That sounds a bit dramatic but this is the time to get things organised before the REALLY bad weather sets in.