Big News! Andrassy Living has it's own real-life shop

Big News! Andrassy Living has it's own real-life shop

I have acquired a rather beautiful Grade II listed shop in the stunning Somerset town of Ilminster.  Yes, we're moving to Somerset (as soon as we find a home!)
January 16, 2022 by Sophie Martin
Your Home Office - stylish versus practical.....

Your Home Office - stylish versus practical.....

...well actually, I think a home office should be both.  Now, not everyone has the luxury of having a room dedicated to being a home office but even if you only have a small desk under the stairs, this blog will give you some great tips.  Here's one I found earlier (a desk under the stairs I mean)....
Lockdown - Relaxing at Home

Lockdown - Relaxing at Home

I give to you, a list of things to do to relax at home, all taken from advice I've sifted through on the internet or from books/TV shows/Podcasts.  I've had plenty of time for 'surfing' lately but it actually isn't very relaxing so I've done the hard work for you - keep the laptop/phone time to a minimum if you can (once you've read this blog post obviously!)  It's not rocket science but it might just inspire someone, somewhere....
Just In: Bloomingville

Just In: Bloomingville

We're very happy to announce that we've started stocking Bloomingville's eponymous interiors accessories - a carefully chosen selection of their gorgeous products feature in our new Spring/Summer collection.
February 28, 2018 by Sophie Martin

Beautifully set tables: Not an origami napkin in sight

Do you think about your table and how it's going to look when you're expecting guests over for a meal?  It doesn't take a moment to produce something really special if you've got a decent set of napkins and perhaps a tablecloth or runner at home (washed and ironed of course).  The next thing (that really makes the table) are the little touches.  Here's one I prepared earlier........
The day I tried my hand at Modern Calligraphy

The day I tried my hand at Modern Calligraphy

I thought I'd update you on my calligraphy efforts having taken the beginners course with the fabulous Quill London at the beautiful Blaegrove Barn at the weekend.

9 ways to add glamour to your bathroom

I thought I'd share a few tips today about glamorizing your bathroom (is glamorizing a word? It is now!) Bathrooms are so important these days - they're almost the only room in the house that you get to be in by yourself (if you're lucky)...

Mums: Why we love them and what to get them

Mother's Day is the day you get to show your mum how grateful you are for everything she's done for you.  Write a card, tell her in person or buy her a gift to let her know how much she's appreciated - here's a few ideas......

Homemade Hydrangea Pompom

These are pretty easy to make if you can get your hands on some dried hydrangeas.  I've found a website in the UK that sells them and has them in stock -  You'll need a ball of 'oasis' (available everywhere online) and a long piece of invisible nylon thread.  Start by tying the thread (with plenty of length left to hang it) around the ball of oasis and then simply cut florets from the hydrangea head and poke them in.  Keep them quite close together to avoid seeing the oasis underneath and voila, a beautiful gift that you made with your own bare hands.  Here's mine hanging on the study door.


Potted plant with a beautiful ribbon

A plant is all very easy to get but it would be more thoughtful if you provided it in a stylish pot and finished it off with a beautiful ribbon.  I've bought a succulent from the garden centre and popped it in one of our White Ceramic Pots


Before we go to the last couple of gift ideas, I thought I'd share my thoughts about mums, what they do and why they should be celebrated:

1. Let's face it, being a mother is a bit of a thankless task (certainly feels like that sometimes) but they carry on regardless guiding, nurturing, protecting and caring for their children. 

2. Mums have the ability to make everything alright.  Even when you've had the worst day of your life, if she's there to talk to, wipe your tears, tell you it's all going to be fine and produce a couple of chocolate biscuits, everything seems right with the world again when you're a child.

3. Mums are often the glue that holds families together plus they help us learn, grow and become productive adults (mostly).

4. They are generous, kind, honest and completely selfless when it comes to their children and while, in the end, mums believe the greatest reward for all they have done is seeing their children turn into happy successful adults, I think that a little acknowledgment of love and appreciation from us goes a long way..........

Chocolates (in an incredible bowl)

On the same theme as the plant, it would be simple to go to the shops and purchase a decent box of chocolates but if you bought something individually wrapped like these Lindor Lindt chocolates (highly recommended by the way) and put them in a gorgeous dish like one of our Net Bowls, your mum would also have something to keep.  Buy some cellophane wrap to put around the whole thing to stop the chocolates from escaping / you eating them all before Mother's Day.


A vase full of fresh flowers

Lastly, simply buy a bunch of something gorgeous from the supermarket but because it's your mum it would be much more preferable to present them in a real vase that she can keep forever to be constantly reminded of her wonderfully generous and appreciative son or daughter.  We have plenty (of course) at Andrassy Living to choose from.  This one is the Dot Vase.


To end on, I have a couple of tips on how to keep fresh flowers at their best which I've picked up along the way.  Firstly make sure the vase is completely clean then trim the ends on a slant and cut a small split at the bottom too and re-trim after a few days if they're still doing well.  Remove any leaves that are going to sit under the water as they create dirty water and lastly, make sure you use a fabulous vase.

So, whether you're a mum yourself, whether you'll be celebrating with your own mum, grandmother or just having a knees-up for the sake of it, we hope you have a very happy Mother's Day.


Quaffing & Troughing at The Pig Hotel

Well this time last week, I was excited at the prospect of a couple of nights away with Mike without our beloved children and had no idea what to expect from The Pig at Brockenhurst - I wasn't disappointed and had to share the experience with everyone as you should all go - it's fabulous (and the interiors are pretty good too).

For those that don't know, Brockenhurst is in the New Forest in the UK and last weekend The Pig had the pleasure of our company for two whole nights thanks to our generous friends who felt sorry for us as we're now in our 40s so treated us to a mini break.

We arrived on Friday evening to find these rather scrumptious homemade sweets in our room and note the even more scrumptious curtains.

Then headed straight for the bar obviously.  We pretty much spent the entire weekend in the bar (!) but there are two other beautifully decorated sitting rooms, which for some reason we didn't venture into, brimming with luxurious fabrics, elegant furniture and fabulous wallpaper.  Not to mention the roaring fires.


Next day we explored Lymington (not much to see there I'm afraid - let me know Lymingtonians what I missed if you're reading this).  Found a lovely place for lunch though right on the water at Mudeford and then headed back to our phat pad (enjoyed imagining it was mine for a couple of days) for more quaffing and troughing.  In fact, their strap line is, "Quaffing & Troughing - that's all we do!" - pretty much on the money for us.

The dining room was in a new glass extension which looked out onto the artfully lit trees in the grounds and was the perfect setting for enjoying the delicious food which they take very seriously.  The emphasis is very much on home grown and locally sourced ingredients so most things are grown on site in their kitchen garden, or foraged.  They were even cultivating seedlings at the tables. 

So to conclude, the food is delicious, the house is beautiful and the staff were friendly and extremely helpful.  The only thing I found wrong with the place was the fact that the bathroom mirror was a bit meagre but it looked beautiful so I'm letting it go.

Just in case you fancy going, the details can be found on their website below.  Happy troughing!

Maison et Objet Trade Show - the home of home accessories

I went on  my bi-annual trip to Paris last weekend for the Maison et Objet trade show, a mecca for all things interiors.  They have over 3000 exhibitors showing their wares to the likes of me plus loads of lectures, demonstrations and installations to inspire and delight.  I've included lots of pics of products I found and little else - a nice easy-reading blog for this week (well actually, a nice 'virtually no reading' blog for this week).

I got to Paris in one piece (I don't much care for flying) and my onward journey with the taxi driver from hell was thankfully short - once I'd told him my destination and he'd exclaimed that he was the unluckiest taxi driver in Paris (apparently he was hoping for a longer journey), he proceeded to drive the entire way in second gear whilst cursing in French.  Anyway, once I'd arrived, all was well in the world again and I embarked on my marathon trip around Hall 5a (there are 8 halls in all and I only managed 2 of them in a day).

First stop, House Doctor.  Gorgeous Danish brand that tends to concentrate on subdued colours with hues of green and grey.  I especially love these little bud bases - the green one is my favourite.

They believe that "a home is created over a lifetime of stories, memories, tales of who you were, who you are and who you wish to become" and if that's the case, I'm getting these cushions - I wish to become, stylish, unique and good value.

After I'd added several items to my shopping list at House Doctor I headed to my much beloved TineK Home where I found a haven of stylish textiles, gorgeous lamps, rugs and decorative details, all in calming greys, greens and lilacs.  I especially love the way they style everything at TineK - doesn't this look beautiful?


I also spied our Glass Vase Lantern with a very appealing little collection of grape hyacinths growing in it.  Definitely going to do this at home.

Then onto Broste - I loved their lanterns and candles the best.......


Oh, and these rather fabulous dotty vases and t-light holders ....

Day Home were showing their Autumn/Winter 2015 collection at the show (they match their seasons to the fashion brand's seasons) which included beautiful cushions as always, some lovely home scents (candles and atomisers) and some unusual decorative items such as this - I never know what they're called.  Anyone?


I also stopped at the Senteurs de France stand as their packaging hit me as I walked past.  These beautiful boxes house the well-known Savon de Marseille square soaps and this is their new toile de jouy design - what do you think?


Anyway, it was a hugely successful day filled with interiors, interiors and more interiors (my perfect day) but by this stage I was flagging rather and looking forward to a glass of red in front of the fire at home so I said my goodbyes and headed for the airport.  Not before I'd stopped at Laduree for macarons though - I started buying them the first time I came to Paris and now I can't get away with arriving home without them - should have stuck with the Toblerone.