I started Andrassy Living because, although I’ve dipped in and out of the world of interior design over the years, it’s really the final flourishes that excite me.  It’s the accessories that give our homes personality and there’s nothing better than discovering unique and beautiful items to dress our homes up with.  

Since starting the website back in 2014, I have always dreamt of opening a bricks & mortar store alongside my online shop and that dream is now about to be realised!  Andrassy Living will be opening in Ilminster, Somerset this spring once our super speedy builders have turned the space into a gorgeous store that will delight and inspire our customers - watch this space for opening day.

At Andrassy Living, it's all about understated elegance. We love muted tones with splashes of colour. We love Nordic style and anything that stands out from the crowd. We only buy it if we really love it and if there’s something you’re after that we don’t have, please get in touch – we’d love to hear from you. 

I love that feeling you get when you stumble upon a fabulous online shop or a boutique store selling individual and beautiful things to transform your living space - that “I’ve got to have it” moment. I hope that you feel this way about Andrassy Living.

I look forward to seeing you in Ilminster very soon.

Best wishes, Sophie

Sophie Martin, Owner at Andrassy Living

p.s. For all those wondering, Andrassy is my maiden name - just couldn't let it go!