Mother's Day is the day you get to show your mum how grateful you are for everything they’ve done for you (or indeed a great excuse to show your appreciation for any fabulous human being in your life).  Write a card, tell them in person or buy a gift to let them know how much they’re loved - here's a few ideas......

A beautiful vase filled with fresh flowers

A bunch of daffs from the supermarket are lovely but because it's your mum it would be more preferable to present something special in a real vase that she can keep forever to be constantly reminded of her wonderfully generous and appreciative son or daughter. 

Our Clear Glass Vase is great value and looks great too!  For £18 plus a bunch of flowers, this makes the perfect gift.

House Doctor Glass Vase at Andrassy Living

Homemade Hydrangea Pompom

These are pretty easy to make.  You'll need a ball of oasis (available everywhere online) and a long piece of ribbon.  If you’re using fresh hydrangeas, you can soak the oasis before tying on the ribbon (with plenty of length left to hang it) around the ball of oasis like you would a gift.  Then simply cut florets from the hydrangea head and poke them in.  Keep them quite close together to avoid seeing the oasis underneath and voila, a beautiful gift that you made with your own bare hands.  Even better, hydrangeas (especially the pink/red ones) dry beautifully so this will last for ages.


Let's face it, being a mother is a bit of a thankless task (certainly feels like it sometimes) but they carry on regardless guiding, nurturing, protecting and caring for their children. 

They are the glue that holds the family together plus they help us learn, grow and become productive adults (hopefully!).  I know that a little acknowledgment of love and appreciation from us goes a long way.

A few other gift ideas from Andrassy Living……..

Abstract Dinner Candles - pack of 6 in a recyclable box - the perfect present!

 Abstract Dinner Candles

Monsoon Olive Block Print Cotton Napkins - pack of 4.  These are in such a stunning pattern and will elevate any dining table.

 Monsoon Olive Napkins

Extra Long Matches - these tiger matches are utterly gorgeous.  Not something that you’d necessarily justify buying for yourself (although I might!) so definitely make a great gift.

Extra Long Matches - Tigers

So, whether you're a mum yourself, whether you'll be celebrating with your own mum, grandmother or just having a knees-up for the sake of it, we hope you have a very happy Mother's Day.

Sophie x

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