Now that we’re firmly into 2023 and you’ve got the Christmas decs packed up, the house is probably looking a little bare so it’s the perfect time to add a couple of elements to refresh things…..

Clean. Clean. Clean: Now the tree is down and while you’ve got the hoover out, get into all those forgotten corners and while you’re there, take the opportunity to give everything a really good polish.  When your house is REALLY clean, it instantly makes you love it again and if it smells good too, you’re halfway there.  I use Method Wooden Floor Cleaner in Almond (I use this on all my hard floors regardless of it’s make-up simply because it smells amazing and their furniture polish smells equally as good).

Aroma: While I’m on the subject of aroma, if you have a favourite home fragrance, introduce this by way of scented candles (make sure they’re vegetable based with no nasties) and diffusers (I have some fabulous ones in-store!) Burning essential oils is also a great opportunity to help your home on it’s way to smelling heavenly whilst elevating your mood at the same time - what’s not to like?  Popular de-stressors are rosemary, citrus and bergamot.

Plants: Once everything is as clean as a whistle (never understood that expression) and smelling fabulous, the introduction of a couple of toxin busting houseplants always make a space feel fresh.  The more the merrier I’d say but if you’re rubbish at remembering to water them, keep the numbers down as dead houseplants will certainly not make your home feel refreshed.  You could also add some sculptural seed heads or pampas grass to pots and vases. 

Paint: Lastly, it’s not as simple as cleaning or adding a house plant but if you’re adept with a paintbrush, there’s no better way to keep things fresh and exciting than by changing up the colour of your living room or kitchen.  Just make sure that if you’re doing it yourself, you do the prep (get rid of the cobwebs and dirt and apply masking tape where needed or it’ll end up looking like a dog’s dinner).  These two images below might inspire you to be add some colour - go on, be brave.


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