Is there anything more satisfying than getting into a freshly laundered, well-made bed?  You may well think I'm bonkers but there must be plenty of you out there that feel the same.  If you're interested, there are a couple of important steps to take before you can experience the joy of sleeping in freshly laundered bed linen..........


First things first, I keep whites with whites, even the pale pink or "nude" colours should be kept separate and make sure not to 'contaminate' the white wash with anything too dirty like cleaning cloths.


Once the washing's done, the best method of drying (although not always the most practical in this country) is outside on the line in the sunshine with a spot of wind.  This way, the sunlight bleaches the white whiter and ironing is made easier as the creases have been blown out.


I don't tend to use linen water as I like the smell of my washing powder but lavender water is great for freshening pillow cases a couple of days after they're new on and helps you sleep too.  You can buy it in the shops of course but it's actually pretty easy to make yourself........

Homemade Linen Water

You'll need:

Spritz bottle (I used a small one that holds around 150ml)


2 tbsp. of vodka

Half a tsp. of lavender oil (or any other essential oils you like)

Distilled water

Mix the vodka with the lavender oil first then add the water and you're off!  Makes a lovely present for a friend; keep some on your bedside table to spray on your pillow at night; or spritz a little onto your bedding before ironing.

Making the Bed

Finally you're ready to make the bed up (which is my least favourite bit - who likes wrestling duvets into duvet covers?) but it's all worth it in the end.  I like plain white bed linen because it feels clean and fresh and it goes with anything (I regularly change the throw pillows and blankets on the bed) but the choice is yours.  I use 2 large square cushions at the back which are perfect for leaning against whilst reading, plus a couple of gorgeous throw pillows in front and a blanket or throw folded over the end of the bed.  This comes in handy on cooler nights but also makes your bed look more inviting.

So that's it.  Maybe you still think I'm totally bonkers but I defy you not to have a strong feeling of happiness when you climb into your well made bed with freshly laundered sheets tonight.  You'll sleep much better too as long as you're not in bed now, reading this on your smart phone or tablet!

Sleep tight.

Sophie x


May 23, 2014 — Sophie Martin

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