Beautiful, portable and, above all, extremely versatile - baskets are a great storage solution.  Here are just 4 ideas that should see you on your way to a gorgeous (and more organised) home.

1. De-clutter your Living Room

If your living room is starting to look TOO lived in, you need a basket to capture all the gubbins that clutters up your space.  Pop the remote controls, playing cards, abandoned toys, well thumbed magazines etc into a basket and that way, when you get home at the end of the day, it's easy to tidy everything away super-quick and turn your living room back into a haven of relaxation.


2. Gift Wrapping Paraphernalia

Keep gift-wrap, ribbons, tags, sticky tape, scissors etc in a basket that you can easily transport to a free spot in the house to gift wrap a present.  Not all of us (in fact, hardly any of us) are mad enough to have a room entirely devoted to gift wrapping which, if you think I'm making it up, is absolutely true in some households.  All you need is a beautiful basket.


3. Summer Essentials

Life is much easier when you've got everything in one place.  This summer, keep a 'beach bag' in your hallway permenantly and stuff it with sun screen, hats, towels, insect repellent, bite cream and sunglasses and then, when the sun eventually comes out, you can just grab it and you've everything you need for a trip to the beach or just to take out into the garden to prevent making umpteen trips inside to get all the bits and bobs you forgot (or is that just me?).


4. Put a Plant in it!

This particular rattan basket is perfect for housing an indoor plant.  You'd need a pot and saucer within it of course but it gives a wonderful rustic look.  I've got a Marguerite Daisy Tree in this one but a huge hydrangea would also look fantastic.

I hope the latest blog post has given you some food for thought and also hope you like the 'homemade' photographs (with a little help from Instagram).


May 06, 2014 — Sophie Martin
Tags: Baskets


Ghillie James said:

Just off to buy a hydrangea! Very inspiring ideas. Think I’ll probably use all four. Thanks Sophie!

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