I went on  my bi-annual trip to Paris last weekend for the Maison et Objet trade show, a mecca for all things interiors.  They have over 3000 exhibitors showing their wares to the likes of me plus loads of lectures, demonstrations and installations to inspire and delight.  I've included lots of pics of products I found and little else - a nice easy-reading blog for this week (well actually, a nice 'virtually no reading' blog for this week).

I got to Paris in one piece (I don't much care for flying) and my onward journey with the taxi driver from hell was thankfully short - once I'd told him my destination and he'd exclaimed that he was the unluckiest taxi driver in Paris (apparently he was hoping for a longer journey), he proceeded to drive the entire way in second gear whilst cursing in French.  Anyway, once I'd arrived, all was well in the world again and I embarked on my marathon trip around Hall 5a (there are 8 halls in all and I only managed 2 of them in a day).

First stop, House Doctor.  Gorgeous Danish brand that tends to concentrate on subdued colours with hues of green and grey.  I especially love these little bud bases - the green one is my favourite.

They believe that "a home is created over a lifetime of stories, memories, tales of who you were, who you are and who you wish to become" and if that's the case, I'm getting these cushions - I wish to become, stylish, unique and good value.

After I'd added several items to my shopping list at House Doctor I headed to my much beloved TineK Home where I found a haven of stylish textiles, gorgeous lamps, rugs and decorative details, all in calming greys, greens and lilacs.  I especially love the way they style everything at TineK - doesn't this look beautiful?


I also spied our Glass Vase Lantern with a very appealing little collection of grape hyacinths growing in it.  Definitely going to do this at home.

Then onto Broste - I loved their lanterns and candles the best.......


Oh, and these rather fabulous dotty vases and t-light holders ....

Day Home were showing their Autumn/Winter 2015 collection at the show (they match their seasons to the fashion brand's seasons) which included beautiful cushions as always, some lovely home scents (candles and atomisers) and some unusual decorative items such as this - I never know what they're called.  Anyone?


I also stopped at the Senteurs de France stand as their packaging hit me as I walked past.  These beautiful boxes house the well-known Savon de Marseille square soaps and this is their new toile de jouy design - what do you think?


Anyway, it was a hugely successful day filled with interiors, interiors and more interiors (my perfect day) but by this stage I was flagging rather and looking forward to a glass of red in front of the fire at home so I said my goodbyes and headed for the airport.  Not before I'd stopped at Laduree for macarons though - I started buying them the first time I came to Paris and now I can't get away with arriving home without them - should have stuck with the Toblerone.


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