Well this time last week, I was excited at the prospect of a couple of nights away with Mike without our beloved children and had no idea what to expect from The Pig at Brockenhurst - I wasn't disappointed and had to share the experience with everyone as you should all go - it's fabulous (and the interiors are pretty good too).

For those that don't know, Brockenhurst is in the New Forest in the UK and last weekend The Pig had the pleasure of our company for two whole nights thanks to our generous friends who felt sorry for us as we're now in our 40s so treated us to a mini break.

We arrived on Friday evening to find these rather scrumptious homemade sweets in our room and note the even more scrumptious curtains.

Then headed straight for the bar obviously.  We pretty much spent the entire weekend in the bar (!) but there are two other beautifully decorated sitting rooms, which for some reason we didn't venture into, brimming with luxurious fabrics, elegant furniture and fabulous wallpaper.  Not to mention the roaring fires.


Next day we explored Lymington (not much to see there I'm afraid - let me know Lymingtonians what I missed if you're reading this).  Found a lovely place for lunch though right on the water at Mudeford and then headed back to our phat pad (enjoyed imagining it was mine for a couple of days) for more quaffing and troughing.  In fact, their strap line is, "Quaffing & Troughing - that's all we do!" - pretty much on the money for us.

The dining room was in a new glass extension which looked out onto the artfully lit trees in the grounds and was the perfect setting for enjoying the delicious food which they take very seriously.  The emphasis is very much on home grown and locally sourced ingredients so most things are grown on site in their kitchen garden, or foraged.  They were even cultivating seedlings at the tables. 

So to conclude, the food is delicious, the house is beautiful and the staff were friendly and extremely helpful.  The only thing I found wrong with the place was the fact that the bathroom mirror was a bit meagre but it looked beautiful so I'm letting it go.

Just in case you fancy going, the details can be found on their website below.  Happy troughing!


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