Well I’ve been open for exactly 3 days!  The [actual] doors to Andrassy Living in Ilminster opened on Wednesday 20th July and my lifelong dream of being a shopkeeper was realised (I really wanted to be a sweet shop lady but I have progressed to interiors and fashion - who knows, maybe I’ll stock some sweets too!)  

The evening before, we had a few drinks for my fellow Ilminster shopkeepers so I could meet a few people (as I’m new to the area) and was delighted to meet an extremely friendly bunch - Ilminster so far is proving to be a very welcoming place and it’s a delight to have a shop here.

Andrassy Living Launch  Andrassy Living LaunchAndrassy Living Launch  Andrassy Living Launch - Sophie in the Ilminster store

I’m really excited to be introducing ladieswear and jewellery to the homeware collection, plus some fabulous accessories.  We currently have a small selection for you to look at when you come but lots more will be arriving in October in time for the Christmas rush.

Lulu Copenhagen Enamel Rings at Andrassy Living  Lulu Copenhagen Jewellery at Andrassy Living

Sticky Sis Phone Pouch at Andrassy Living  Sticky Sis Promenade Shoulder Bag at Andrassy Living

Sadly, the shipment of fabulous dresses and shirts coming from India that I had planned to be in situ by opening day has been delayed (several times in fact) so goodness knows when it will be here but hopefully in the next couple of weeks.  Fingers crossed!

Block Print Dresses at Andrassy Living

So, the shop will be an ever evolving hand-picked selection of home accessories, ladies fashion & accessories, jewellery and gifts.  It’s a little store with a big heart that will inspire and delight; a haven to seek solace in (and maybe even a cup of coffee one of these days); and a place where you can expect a friendly welcome and hopefully the perfect gift (for you, your home or a lucky recipient).  

Hope to see you in Ilminster soon.  Thanks for reading.

Sophie x

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