Today I’m reviewing the Meraki products that we currently stock at Andrassy Living. Meraki skincare products are made of gentle and nourishing ingredients carefully selected for their positive qualities, proven effects, and natural fragrances. Designed and developed in Denmark, the products are inspired by Scandinavian aesthetics and created with love and respect for nature.  What’s not to like?  Their photography is pretty gorgeous too.

Meraki Dunes Shot

First up are the Hand Soaps and Lotions.  We have chosen Northern Dawn for it’s fresh orange, cedar wood and sweet balsamic fragrance.  The organic carrot extract in the Hand Soap has a nourishing and moisturising effect while a parsley extract nourishes and cleanses the skin.  These wonderful organic products look stylish, smell fantastic and don’t cost the earth so grab a bottle or two - you won’t regret it.

Meraki Hand Soap at Andrassy Living

The Northern Dawn hand lotion softens, nourishes and moisturises the skin without being greasy. Almond oil and cocoa butter, both organic, soothe your hands and leave them well moisturised.  Something I definitely need these days - make it part of your routine to moisturise every time you wash your hands.  Your skin will thank you.

Meraki Lifestyle shot Meraki Handwashing Image

Next up are the scented candles which come in 2 scents - White Tea & Ginger and Fresh Cotton.  They are made from soybean oil so burn cleanly plus they give off the most fabulous aroma. Light a scented candle and relax - make it part of your wind-down routine.

Meraki Scented candles Meraki Scented Candles at Andrassy Living

Meraki really goes to town on their photography and their lifestyle images are just beautiful.  These would actually look amazing if they were framed and up in a bathroom - what a sanctuary that would be.

Meraki Branch Image Meraki Water Image Meraki Grass Image

Finally, we have to mention the Meraki Home Diffusers.  I have never seen such an attractive diffuser - it’s down to the natural reeds and the botanicals that they have immersed in the scent.  So beautiful and they really do smell amazing too - the perfect gift.

Meraki Diffuser at Andrassy Living

If you have used any of Meraki’s products before and would like to see something particular at Andrassy Living, we’d love to hear your feedback.

Happy pampering!

Sophie x 




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