As I am making an effort to frequent as many pubs and restaurants as possible in Somerset (just to familiarise myself with the area and to support the amazing hospitality that we have on offer in the county you understand), I thought I would give you an update on my latest findings as it’s always good to share.  

If you’re after top class food in stylish surroundings (Holm, Lord Poulett Arms, The Barrington Boar & The Devonshire Arms) and/or somewhere quirky to get relaxed but delicious grub (Pip’s Carriage and No.57) or somewhere to have a decent drink in super surroundings (The Somerset and The Crooked Swan), I can highly recommend all of these places.  

The Barrington Boar in Barrington, Ilminster

There are many many more to explore in Somerset and over into Dorset but on my list to visit are the Botanical Rooms at The Newt Hotel and The Three Horseshoes at Batcombe plus Osip in Bruton and The Ollerod in Beaminster.  If you have any other amazing suggestions, I’d love to hear from you (all in the name of research obviously!)

The Crooked Swan in Crewkerne

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