I already have a glut of rhubarb in the garden - what the devil shall I do with it?  Well on researching, I have discovered that I can just chop it all up and stick it straight into the freezer as it is.  Then when I come to make a crumble or a chutney, I can use a handful straight from frozen which makes life much easier. However, one recipe did catch my eye and it calls for fresh rhubarb so I have made PINK GIN!  Such a gorgeous colour and it tastes pretty heavenly too.  It takes no time and very little effort - winner!  So get yourself a big sealable jar, stick in your chopped rhubarb (having washed it thoroughly, and use the pink rhubarb rather than the green), add white caster sugar (just under half the weight of the rhubarb) and leave it overnight (the sugar will bring out the liquid from the rhubarb) and then add gin!  Voila, you have Rhubarb Gin which is the most beautiful colour and tastes incredible.  Happy weekend!

The Bobble Glasses used for the Rhubarb Gin are available to purchase in the shop as are the Natural Placemats - perfect for outdoor dining this summer.

April 27, 2023 — Sophie Martin

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