Hello Andrassy Living Blog readers, I thought I'd update you on my calligraphy efforts having taken the beginners course with the fabulous Quill London at the beautiful Blaegrove Barn at the weekend. 

Blaegrove Barn Quill London Workshop

On arrival we were provided with scrumptious chocolate-based nibbles and hot drinks by the wonderful Jo Butler (#farmerswife) This was obviously a great start to the morning. 

Then at 11 o clock, we were off and running. We were all given a folder with good quality paper (very important for calligraphy), some tracing paper, our practice sheets, a rather quaint little pot of ink and our calligraphy pen (all included in the cost of the course - £55).  

Quill London Workshop

We started with the practise strokes then onto the alphabet and almost immediately onto joined up writing. In 2 and a half hours I like to think I had got quite good (!) but not as good as the lady sitting next to me who, I later found out, teaches handwriting (cheat). 

Modern Calligraphy by Quill London

The morning finished with a beautiful cheeseboard with all the trimmings (have you guessed that the food played a fairly major role?) and Julia, our very lovely teacher, went through any specific text we wanted to use (for me it was the pound sign and numbers as I hope to use my newfound skill for the price tags at my upcoming fairs). 

To summarise, it was a peaceful morning spent learning a lovely new skill with a great bunch of people at a gorgeous venue. Oh, and there was food!  What's not to like?

If you're interested in doing your own course, Quill London are amazing and for other creative workshops and more, Blaegrove Barn have an array of things to choose from over the coming months......




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