I thought I'd share a few tips today about glamorizing your bathroom (is glamorizing a word?  It is now!)  Bathrooms are so important these days - they're almost the only room in the house that you get to be in by yourself (if you're lucky) and they're a great place to relax and unwind.  So, if you have your own, child-free bathroom, lucky you and if you don't, have a clear out of those bath toys and then find a good storage solution to keep them tucked away when they're not in use so you don't have to share your bath with an army speedboat or a decidedly grotty looking Barbie.

1. Add a seat to your bathroom

It's a practical addition as it's far nicer sitting down on a beautiful stool or chair to paint your toenails rather than the loo, plus it could be a great way to bring in another fabric or colourway.  

2. Store your odds and ends in beautiful containers

Put soap in a dish, toothbrushes in a pot and cotton buds in a glass jar.  This small step will instantly neaten and beautify your bathroom.  I keep shampoos and soap tidy in our bathroom with our gorgeous and very versatile Rectangular Net Bowl.


3. Replace that tired old bath mat

A tired bath mat is really going to bring the bathroom down so replace it.  Don't be afraid of using a normal rug that wasn't destined to be a bath mat either (although they're not as absorbent so you'll probably still need a bathmat next to the shower or bath).  If you've got a pair of sinks, place a runner underneath like our Grey Striped Runner here - it's warmer underfoot while you're at the sink and looks great, plus it's another way to add colour and pattern.


4. Mirrors

Don't settle for a cheap bathroom mirror from the local DIY store.  Choose something beautiful that will add personality to your bathroom.

5. Towels

A bit like bathmats - replace them if they're tired, faded and fraying at the edges and replace them with over-sized luxurious towels that fit in with your colour scheme. For a touch of extra glamour, get your towels monogrammed.  Lots of companies offer monogramming these days so are easy to find on the internet.  If you like linen, you can't go wrong with Volga Linen's beautiful towels and robes.

6. Lighting

Keep lighting practical with overhead AND task lighting (which helps add ambiance when you're soaking away your troubles in a luxurious bath).  Wall lighting either side of your bathroom mirror (on a separate circuit to the overhead lighting) works well for this plus gives plenty of light for applying make-up and brushing teeth.


7. Tiles & Splashbacks

This is another perfect opportunity to add colour, texture and pattern to your bathroom or, if the tiles you've fallen in love with are ridiculously expensive (usually happens to me), use a simple, cheaper tile for the large areas and splash out (pardon the pun) on something truly beautiful and luxurious for the splashbacks.  

8. Candles

They're a must for adding luxury to your bathroom.  Light one while you're in your bubble bath and feel all the stresses of the day melting away.  If you've got a hectic lifestyle, this is the perfect way to feel human again. Our TineK Home scented candles are just the job.  They burn for 40 hours, smell truly fabulous and are great value.

9. Add something unexpected

In this bathroom, the very talented Stephanie Sabbe has added a gilt-framed painting and a chandelier which you absolutely wouldn't expect to find in a bathroom but why not?  They add glamour, personality and this bathroom is all the better for them I think.  

Image by Michael J Lee

So, those are my 9 tips for adding glamour to your bathroom.  Hope they've been helpful and even if you don't get round to implementing all of them, at least get your storage right and make time to have a long luxurious bubble bath.

Happy bathing!

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