Just a little post on the fabulously versatile and gloriously simple Storage Bag.  It squashes down completely flat when not in use and has a handy handle so you can hang it on the back of a bathroom door or in a cloakroom to corral hats and gloves.

It’s also great for housing magazines in the downstairs or and loo rolls in the bathroom.  


Talking of bathrooms, if you have a child at uni that has to share a bathroom, this is a great way for them to keep everything in one place as it’s fairly substantial in size so will fit shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, toothpaste, face wash and much much more.  Plus it is lined with a water resistant fabric.  Win win.

Lastly, if you have a lovely plant in an unsightly pot, this could be the perfect solution.  Just pop it into one of these fab storage bags and it hides a multitude of sins - looks pretty good too.

Add all these uses up, the excellent price, the fact that you can store it away easily when it’s not in use and that it is water ‘resistant’ makes it a great addition to every home.  Get organised and invest in one today!

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