Just a little bit of a self indulgent ramble today about how good cushions are - not just because I want you to buy them from me (which would obviously be good seeing as I sell them to make a living) but because they’ll make you happy.  Yes honestly, a beautiful cushion really can put a smile on your face every day, especially if it’s well-made, in a gorgeous fabric and comfortable to sit on / lean against / cry into!

Striped Knit Cushion in Forest Green/Rose and Green Hand Block Printed Cushion at Andrassy Living     Selection of Hand Block Printed Cushions at Andrassy Living in Ilminster

I have a few carefully chosen cushions in the shop and online.  To freshen up your bedroom you could invest in a pair of 60x40 cushions like the Striped Knit Cushions which look great propped up in front of your own pillows you use for sleeping on.  Add a third in a contrasting print/colour/size for the middle of this arrangement and you’ve got yourself a beautifully made bed that you can’t wait to get into (not always good when you’re trying to get stuff done).  These beauties will be arriving in the shop soon:

Jade 50x50 Cushion with Tassels at Andrassy Living Lotus Topaz 40x60 Cushion at Andrassy Living

I have been having a little dabble on the old TikTok given that my Facebook and Instagram accounts were hacked a few weeks ago and they’re still not operational.  Here is my latest post and, how handy, it’s all about cushions!


I should thank my daughter for all her help as I’m pretty much clueless when it comes to TikTok and she has helped me a lot with getting to grips with it.  Not sure if it’s something my customers will be looking at but it’s been fun playing around with it.

Anyway, here’s to cushions and everything they do to make our houses into homes.  Let me know how you get on or better still, send me some photos of your cushions in situ.

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