Indoor Plants - good for your health and great for your home

I think house plants have long been conceived as slightly old-fashioned, plus lots of us are rather put off by the fact that we forget to water them and they collect dust but I'm here to convince you otherwise.  Trust me, some are dead easy to look after (pardon the pun) and they'll really transform the look and feel of your home. 

House Plant in Terracott Pot

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First things first, these are the obvious benefits of filling your home with indoor plants:

1. They're good for your physical health

Indoor plants control the humidity inside your home and, as you'll know if you were listening in biology, they absorb carbon dioxide and emit oxygen which refreshes the air and fights pollutants in the home.  Did you know that everything from our furniture to the paint we use, computers and even our clothes emit VOCs (volatile organic compounds)?  Still, life's too short to worry about every single thing that we bring into our homes but you can't go wrong with the introduction of a couple of house plants, especially as The University of Agriculture in Norway claims that plants can decrease cold-related symptoms by 30%!  So there you go, get yourself a ficus plant and you'll be saving on tissues and night nurse for months to come.  This one should do it....

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree (ficus)

Photograph courtesy of Gardenista

2. They are great for your state of mind

The US Horticultural Therapy Association are huge advocates of indoor plants as they claim that plants can reduce stress, anxiety and even despression whilst increasing feelings of relaxation and calm.  They can even boost creativity!  This would be an inspiring spot to get some work done - will consequently be introducing some more plants to my own office.

Image by Her New Tribe - Plants in the Office

Photograph courtesy of Her Own Tribe

3. They improve our living space aesthetically

Plants add a bright, natural, splash of green to any scheme and they go with everything! They also make a home feel fresh and airy, especially if you position plants near windows to blur the line between inside and out.  This is especially beneficial at this time of year when it's still too cold to get outside but you're yearning for spring to arrive.

Place plants near windows to bring the outside in

Photograph courtesy of Sabon Home Blog

They will revive any room and can add height and drama, making a space feel bigger and more spacious.  Don't be afraid to go BIG on plants - there are some amazing indoor trees available like the Fiddle Leaf Fig (Ficus Lyrata) which is currently taking the indoor plant world by storm.  They have large, leathery, glossy leaves and can grow to 2 metres tall. 

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

If you want to introduce plants but on a smaller scale (little steps), these should inspire you.

 Indoor Plants - Kitchen Table

This dining area is definitely improved by the introduction of a few well-cared-for plants.

Dining Room with Plants

It's also a good idea to place plants in spots that may be prone to accumulating clutter.  This is a great one if you've got a man in your life that leaves piles of papers, coppers and general junk in really annoying places - move it all into a filing tray (or better still, a 'man drawer') and put a plant there instead!  Here's the perfect example....

 Bureau with House Plants

 Photograph courtesy of froekenoverspringshandling.bloggersdelight.

NB. If you like the frames in this shot, we do something very similar at Andrassy Living.  Click here to see them on our website.

So to conclude, whether you're going BIG or small, plants will give that extra special touch to a home that you'll definitely notice and they're great for your health and well-being too.  Just remember to water them.


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