Mini Coin Earrings


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These Mini Coin Earrings by A Beautiful Story are small stud earrings made from gold plated and silver plated brass with gemstones. Gemstones are created by nature and every one is unique.  They measure 1.5cm. Made in Nepal.

The ear studs are attached to a paper card with the meaning of the gemstone in three words and they come in four designs:

SILVER & BLACK ONYX (focus/confidence/inner strength)

SILVER & LAPIS LAZULI (friendship/connection/wisdom)

GOLD & CARNELIAN (courage/creativity/transformation)

GOLD & AVENTURINE (motivation/personal growth/confidence)

About A Beautiful Story: We sell jewellery and gifts that bring you luck. We call them lucky tools. From a card to offer comfort to a bracelet to celebrate friendship.All our items have a story. For the giver because your gift really tells something. For our makers because through their craftsmanship they can build a life.Your purchase in our webshop or through one of our retailers means employment opportunities in places where it’s very much needed.