This blog is all about entertaining and of course this includes my favourite subject, Tablescapes!  I wrote about this in my recent newsletter so apologies if you’re reading this and thinking, I’m sure she’s already blathered on about tablescapes recently - you’d be right!

So, number one, a fabulous tablescape doesn’t necessarily involve going out and buying loads of new stuff although it is lovely to refresh what you have with some new napkins or a fabulous tablecloth, or just add a pop of colour with some dinner candles (I have plenty to choose from at the shop!)

Dusty Rose Dinner Candle  Striped Dinner Candles

The important thing is to make sure you introduce texture and pattern (layering is the technical term I believe), candlelight, flowers, plus some decent music and of course the all-important guests. At the end of the day, it’s the latter that will make the evening go with a swing but if they arrive to a beautifully set table it shows you care and it will set the night off by giving all your guests a huge positive glow (and mixed with a few glasses of wine, you’re all set!)

I have featured a few of my favourite tablescapes below, all taken at friends houses, but the over-riding theme is the thought that has gone into their tables. It really does make one feel welcome and set the tone for the entire event. Hopefully all you clever people out there who are reading my newsletter (?!) can recognise your handy work. Thanks again for having us by the way, I can say without exception that I had a brilliant time at all of them - must have been the top notch tablescaping!


If there was a list of essentials for the perfect tablescape I’d go with the following:

  • Tablecloth and / or Placemats

  • Napkins

  • Flowers - bud vases work best as they’re easier to fill because they’re small, plus you can see your fellow guests over them and due to their size you can have several placed randomly along the table to give a more abundant feeling (always work with odd numbers though, it absolutely looks better) . Add whatever you have in the garden including herbs and grasses

  • Candles - a mixture of tall dinner candles and t-lights work well so you have candlelight at different heights which makes for a more ‘layered’ tablescape

  • Interesting Water Glasses and / or Water Jugs - now these aren’t absolutely necessary but they do add interest, colour and make a table look well thought-out

Green Glass Jug and Water Glasses        

So, there you go, you’re welcome! The last thing you’ll need to do is prepare a meal for your guests but this doesn’t mean slaving over a hot stove for hours on end (especially if you’ve gone to town on the tablescape and served plenty of booze - they’ll be happy with whatever you serve them!) but here’s a fabulous one courtesy of my good friend Annabelle Maclay.

Annabelle usually makes this at the beginning of the week using leftover Sunday roast chicken and frozen peas and prawns that she always keeps in the freezer. She has some lovely ideas for easy family meals so I definitely recommend following her on Instagram ……….. @annabellemaclayfood

Chicken & Chorizo with Paella Rice
By Annabelle Maclay Food

Serves 4

Sautee an onion and red pepper in some oil then add 2 crushed garlic cloves, stir in a large teaspoon of smoked paprika then add 250g paella rice, add chicken stock or water (around twice the amount of the rice), turn the heat low and put the lid on. Keep an eye on it though as you may need to add more water dependent on how efficient your pan is!

In a frying pan, brown chorizo and, if using raw chicken, cook that too then add the chicken and chorizo to the rice and carry on cooking for 10 minutes. At the end, throw in the frozen peas and prawns and cook for 1 minute, season with salt and pepper, and you’re ready to go!



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